We provide a wide range of square mesh screens and rectangular mesh that can have mesh opening from 1 mm to 150 mm with diameter wires proportional to the mesh based on the function of the grids.
These are made to measure, with or without tensioning hooks. These are provided in harmonic steel (C72) and in INOX (AISI 304/316). We realize wire cloths fro pieces smaller than one millimeter.


For a better screening efficient and for the humid material treatment we provide the anti-clogging screens that can be in much type. There is a type that is ideal for all the screen with a tensioning system and it is very difficult to clog because it has small vibrations of the wire. Another type has the mesh opening almost square, it makes it possible a precise calibration of the various pieces. The last type is a just compromise between the two previous ones, it maintains the structure always tensionated that allows a good wear resistance.
All type can be realized in harmonic steel (C72) and in INOX (AISI 304/316), the assembling is possible in wires or with polyurethane strips.


The function of these nets is the same of the square mesh nets but the polyurethane decrease abrasions and allows a long duration. Also the reduce weight allows the easier mounting.